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a healthier workforce is more productive, has higher retention and experiences significantly reduced absenteeism...a true "win-win" for you and your employees.

our body composition assessment service is no-risk, requires no up-front costs and is an effective way to provide a precise outcomes-based evaluation, consultation and coaching for your employees.

our state-of-the-art technology measures body composition factors that are correlated directly to your health, enable targeted coaching and can be re-evaluated regularly.  THe result; an effective approach to knowing "what you're made of" and confirming how your body is changing based on your fitness and/or nutrition programs.

what we can measure in a 1-minute test

  • Body Weight
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Mass 
  • Visceral Fat Mass (abdominal fat directly correlated to disease)
  • Water Mass (extracellular & intracellular water levels and their relationship to inflammation and pre-diabetes)
  • Lean Body Mass/Dry Lean Body Mass
  • Segmental Muscle and Fat analysis (showing imbalances and comparison to World Health Organization standards)
  • Body Fat/Lean Dry Mass Control (recommendation for mass to gain/lose)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate and more...

How this works

On the day(s) of your choosing, our BodyCompLLC consultant arrives with everything required to conduct a state-of-the-art body composition assessment and to provide a professional 1-on-1 confidential consultation with each employee (total time investment per employee is only 15-20 minutes).  We take care of all set-up and clean-up, the only thing we'll need is access to power for our equipment.

benefits to you

  • Your employees will be more productive, healthier, happier and more motivated
  • Increased employee retention rates and decreased training costs
  • No up-front costs
  • Flexibility with minimum disruption - we come to you; where you want us, when you want us!

benefits to your employees

  • Actionable body composition assessment and expert consultation session
  • On-the-spot feedback - results sheet printed immediately
  • On-the-spot consultation - results interpreted by our expert
  • On-the-spot goal setting/coaching
  • Regular re-testing to track change and motivate/reinforce positive behaviors leading to lasting change
  • On-going fitness and nutrition coaching available as an additional service 


  • We come to you
    • 1/2 day - $1200 (up to 16 employees in a 4-hour time block) 
    • full day - $2000 (up to 32 employees in an 8-hour time block) 
  • You come to us (18 Kettle River Drive, Edwardsville, IL)
    • $75 per assessment + consult
  • On-going fitness and/or nutrition coaching
    • fees negotiated separately

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