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Personal Trainers

Do you want state-of-the-art body composition assessments for your clients?  Would you like a precise tool to assess your clients progress?

Take advantage of our mobile body composition testing service

Book one of our BodyCompLLC consultants to test your current and prospective clients where you work, when you want!  We make it easy for you to incorporate our service into your business model, adding a superior service to your clients.  

Create a point of difference with no upfront cost!

A fully trained BodyCompLLC consultant can come to your business to test your clients at a time and place that suits you.  Further, our on-the-spot results review consultation with your clients will point them back to you for the relevant services you can provide that move them towards goal achievement.

How this works

On the scheduled day, our BodyCompLLC consultant will bring our state-of-the-art body composition assessment system to you with everything needed to conduct an assessment and provide a professional 1-on-1 consultation with your client (typically takes 15-20 minutes per client).  We can work with you in advance to agree on per person pricing and we offer the flexibility of allowing you to manage the transaction yourself (if you prefer to add a margin to the cost) OR we can mange the transaction for this service directly with your clients through our own system...YOUR CHOICE!

Advantages For you!

  • no upfront costs
  • we do all the work - no administrative, set-up or tear-down time for you at all
  • we provide an immediate report for your clients on-the-spot
  • we explain the results immediately to your clients
  • we recommend you for all relevant fitness and/or nutrition programming
  • we're flexible - schedule us to be where you want us, when you want us

This is a fantastic way for you to earn profit with no risk and no cost to you while providing a state-of-the-art service that benefits your clients.  BodyCompLLC provides a perfect no-risk strategy for you.  No better way to stand-out from your competition with the point-of-differentiation we provide you!    

If you're not assessing, then you're simply guessing.  How are you currently assessing clients body composition and progress? In minutes, your clients will know their complete body composition which includes...

  • Total Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Total Body Fat Mass 
  • Total Water Mass (extracellular & intracellular water levels and thier relationship to inflammation and pre-diabetes)
  • Lean Body Mass/Dry Lean Body Mass
  • Segmental Muscle and Fat analysis (showing imbalances and comparison to World Health Organization standards)
  • Body Fat/Lean Dry Mass Control (recommendation for mass to gain/lose)
  • Visceral Fat Mass (the dangerous abdominal fat that you can't measure manually)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate and more...

Use our assessments as a tool to assess your client's starting composition and to ensure that current fitness and nutrition programming is working or needs adjusted.  These tests are also perfect for fixed-time nutrition/fitness challenges to use at the start, during and at the end of your challenge time period - they make for a great group or individual ceremony at the end of any challenge where everyone can celebrate the successes achieved. 

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