We founded BodyCompLLC to help people get fit and well faster by knowing how their bodies are changing in response to their fitness and nutrition programs.  As former Air Force Officers, long-time Crossfitters, Crossfit Box Owners and Crossfit Level One Trainers, we believe that we are designed in God's image to work hard, live healthy lives and serve others.  Body composition analysis adds a much needed dimension to the fitness and nutrition training we provide.  We know by experience that people move from sickness to wellness quickly when they manage WHAT they eat, WHEN they eat and HOW they move.  

-Mark and Michelle Donavon

WHAT should you eat?  Meats, veggies, some fruit, nuts, seed and berries.  DO NOT eat processed food and processed sugar.  DRINK water, coffee, tea and broths.  

WHEN should you eat?  Intermittently, with a gap of at least 16 hours/day of not eating (Intermittent Fasting or "IF").  Vary this occasionally with periods without eating of 24, 36 and 48 hours.  On days when you eat, ensure you eat your full day's compliment of calories.  If on prescription medications for diabetes, pre-diabetes or related metabolic syndrome conditions, make sure your doctor is aware you are fasting between meals.  

HOW should you move?  Engage in high-intensity interval and/or strength training 3-5 days per week.  Actively pursue other physical activities on other days to keep your body moving.  Rest according to our bodies needs.

We are very proud to be long-time members and partners of Crossfit Edwardsville and are very blessed to have CFE box owners, Dr Greg and Caroline Skelly, as friends.